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Private Courtyard

Does privacy deprive you of
natural light and ventilation ?


Questioning ‘PRIVACY’

This intervention was a step towards making minimal changes in the existing setup, challenging the restrictive ideas of privacy, security and enclosure.

Private Courtyard
Bhusawal, India


Creative lead:
Gaurav Chordia

Gaurav Chordia


This experiment is carried out in a very generic typology seen around us and was captured after a few months of completion to experience its impact on the user and their relationship with this space created.

It started as an interior job for a friend, but proceeded as a question to limitations we assume for interior design. Natural light still exists everywhere, the only deed to find a way to invite it.

Existing layout had a missing connection to outdoor with a tiny opening blocking sunlight all through the day. 

To tackle this poor lighting condition, the approach naturally had to scale up the size of the window and bring in outdoors in through raising the height of compound wall adorned with a very functional pergola which gets in patterned light all throughout the day.

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