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Humanscape Studio

Human and Landscape

Humanscape' emerges from a simple yet profound understanding of 'Human' and 'landscape.' As designers, our goal is to capture the subtle moments of time and recreate them in the spaces we craft. Humanscapes come to life when memories and lessons learned are molded into dwellings—spaces that resonate with and respect the natural environment around us. The concept of 'Humanscape' took root four years ago when we carved a basement into the natural slope of a residential site. With no preconceived plans, hands worked intuitively to lay the shuttering.

Humanscape studio
Bhusawal, India


Creative lead:
Gaurav Chordia

Pranit Bora, Onil Shah


This underground haven, designed with punctures for wind and light, became a cherished space for midday rests, lunch hours, and site meetings due to its exceptional thermal comfort. Observing weather changes, the passing of the day, and raindrops became part of our routine, and it was here that the seed of 'Humanscape' was planted—a place created by many hands, hearts, and minds. Light wells offered glimpses of the evolving building above, adapting to changing sunlight, raindrops, and gloomy days. As the building grew, the comfort within increased, with more reflected light enhancing the soft impact on the interiors.

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The free plan of the studio became a canvas for experimentation—today a presentation room, tomorrow a library, a movie club on Saturdays, a pottery workshop, or even a venue for traveling exhibitions. The studio is a raw concrete shell with its own pockets of light, shadows, sky, greens, and a garden. It was envisioned to be a retreat for introspection and a space for the expression and discussion of ideas by many. Glass doors offer a choice to stay connected to the sounds of everyday life or shut out distractions for focused work.

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