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Birch Shell

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Do spaces become a display of materials that come to market everyday or even a simple material can mould it?

Birch Shell, an office space created by merging two shops in a commercial building, with an area of approximately 250 sq. ft.

With our focus on simplicity and natural materials, birch became our hero and added warmth and uniformity to help one focus and express.

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Birch Shell
Bhusawal, India


Creative lead:
Gaurav Chordia

Gaurav Chordia

Monolith-like designed office space, made with a simple, yet elegant material: Birch!  

Cool Stone floor, adds comfort in Bhusawal’s hot weather. The ceiling features a design that provides both soft and gentle lighting, as well as brighter options to suit the mood seamlessly tying up the entire space together. 

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