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 “Whether capturing the essence of a place requires 100 photos or if just 5 pictures can tell the story?”

The workshop intends to unveil the layers overlapped in a picture frame. It is an attempt to contemplate the possibilities of reading through photographs as 2D still frames, about a multi-dimensional living condition.
It emphasizes on use of photography as a tool to design starting from site analysis.

This exercise introduces the participant to further habitual reading of picture frames and conclusions that would help in design decisions and communication.
Through a narrative and photo - essay produced by each group, we shall explore the underlying layer of activities and lifestyle patterns, that might be lost in the process of addressing them. It could lead to formation of hybrids that do not limit to conventionally named typologies.
Screenshot 2024-05-21 143150_edited.jpg

Mentor : Ar. Gaurav Chordia

Stages of the Workshop :
45 min - a week before / Platform : zoom
Introduction and Investigation
Topic : Lensculture

4 hours - Day 01 / Platform : corridor exhibition
Synthesis process 

8 hours - Day 02 / Platform : in studio
Analysis Part 01 
Radicalisation Part 02 

2 hours - Day 02 / Platform : in studio
Further guidance towards formatting these visual narratives.

Total of 80 STUDENTS attended the DECODE workshop. 

Past Initiatives

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